Dukdalf Camperina Padded Chair Blue

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The Dukdalf Camperina is a luxury padded lightweight camping / caravan chair with an aluminium frame and weighs under 5kg.

The Camperina Chair can be folded to 9cm in thickness, and reclines in 10 different positions, ideal for motohomers who are limited on storage space. Features a padded built-in headrest.

Includes a four year warranty (two years with retailer, for the extra two years register purchase with Dukdalf). 

The new Dukdalf camping furniture range is produced by UMEFA in the Netherlands. All chairs have a unique folding system using a sliding hinge and have Italian designs in upholstery. Because UMEFA sets high quality standards for its products in 2010  the decision was made to market a camping chair that was fully developed and produced in the Netherlands.

UMEFA employs disabled people to manufacture the 100% Dutch furniture from raw material to finished product. Every year 20,000 chairs, 25,000 lightweight campingtables and many thousands of other camping furniture related items are produced in their factories.


Pack Size 94cm x 55cm x 9cm (L x W x D)
Weight Capacity 140kg
Seat Height 45cm
Back Height 67cm
Seat Width 45cm
Frame material Aluminium


  • Reclines ten different positions
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium frame
  • Only 9cm thick when folded flat
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands