Reimo VW / Volkswagen T5 SWB Tailgate Curtains - Set of 5

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This is a superb quality, double layer curtain set for the VW T5 / T5.1 and T6 Transporter Tailgate van. Blocks out lots of light with the material being opaque, the inner side is grey and the outer black with curtain joining poppers and tie backs.

The set comprises of 5 pieces curtains and preshaped rails for 4 rear side and 1 rear windows of a Tailgate VW T5 van 2003 onwards and comes with fixing screws and poppers. The curtains are for the rear of the van and not the driver's cabin windows.

Please note: Not suitable for vans with plastic interior trim for example the Multivan & Caravelle and not suitable for the barn door van.


Fabric: 36% polyester, 32% polyamide, 23 % spandex, 9% other.
Curtain Colour: Grey Inside, Black Outside
Rail Colour: Silver
Fixing: Screw on rails with curtains push button poppers


  • Extremely high quality double layer curtain
  • Pleasing ambience
  • High-quality impression, fits well with the privacy glazing of your T5
  • Best fabric tension, as curtain guide on top and bottom