AL-KO 4x4 Retro-Fit Handle for AKS2004/3004

AL-KO 4x4 Retro-Fit Handle for AKS2004/3004

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This Retrofit handle for the AL-KO AKS2004/3004 Stabilisers is for use with 4x4 vehicles with spare wheel mounted on the rear tailgate.

Unlike a fixed handle this removeable one will help reduce the fouling on the rear tyre.

Simple and easy to use a must have for 4x4 drivers.


Product: Genuine AL-KO product
Caution! Always remove 4x4 handle before travelling


  • Increases clearance between stabiliser and rear mounted 4x4 spare wheels
  • Designed to aid stabiliser operation when used with 4x4 towing vehicles with rear mounted spare wheel carriers.
  • Coupling aid for AKS 3004 Stabilisers