Anevay Frontier Wood Burning Stove

  • £199.99

Available on orders over £100


Attractive and easy to assemble, the Frontier is ideal for family camping trips, people with motor homes, or for use in conjunction with, or even instead of, barbecues at social gatherings.

Classically styled, the Frontier also packs down neatly after use, and can be carried by hand. This lightweight portability ensures that the Frontier is the ultimate cooking facility for any outdoor scenario.
There is even an optional chimney attachment that will boil your water for you.

The Frontier can also be used inside as a more permanent room heater/cooker. With correct installation the Frontier will provide all the heat for your room. Its classic look will ensure you have a fully functioning heater/cooker that will add a touch of nostalgia to any room.

The Frontier camping Stove was designed in partnership with the humanitarian community and has been used in a number of disaster locations worldwide.

A Portable Woodburning Stove

The Frontier Stove was designed with portability in mind: the sturdy legs easily fold down, and the flue can be dismantled and stored inside the belly of the stove.

The total weight of the stove and flues is an easy 10kg, and there’s even a convenient carry handle on its side so you can grab it and go!

Tents, Vans, Sheds, Boats And Yurts…

The Frontier Stove’s long flue means it can be easily installed in all sorts of fire-retardant shelters. It’ll keep you warm inside your tent, meaning you can stay toasting camping all year round, and you can cook on it too.

All you need to install the Frontier Stove is either a Frontier Stove Tent Flashing Kit, or the Frontier Stove Shed Flashing Kit.


Overall Height :- 2410mm
Overall Length :- 835mm
Overall Width :- 550mm
Flue Diameter :- 60mm
Flue Length :- 410mm (x5)
Firebox Door :- 155mm
Internal Opening :- 140mm
Weight :- 9.6kg