Bistro & Co 2.2kw Alfresco Gas Stove with Case - Main Picture

Bistro & Co 2.2kw Alfresco Gas Stove with Case - Powerful And Portable

  • £26.99

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Prepare your favourite meals outdoors with this lightweight, powerful and portable gas cooker. The stove comes in a very compact design with a low, stable footprint which enables a safe cooking environment.

The advance gas nozzle design allows for high heat control with the added safety of the Countersink Release Vent safety system.

Ideal for festivals, camping, caravanning, picnics and fishing.

Requirements for operation: This appliance shall only be used with Summit Butane Gas Cartridge Item Number 090/235 (not supplied). Use outdoors in a well ventilated area.


  • Electronic Ignition
  • Pressure Sensitive Safety System (Countersink Release Vent)
  • Variable Heat Control
  • 2.2kw Burner
  • Uses a Summit Butane Gas Cartridge
  • Wind Shield to Protect Flame
  • Hard-wearing carry case with handle


Dimensions - 378x285x125mm

Weight - 1.8kg