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Kampa Moisture Buster

Kampa Moisture Buster

  • £4.99


The Moisture Buster helps to reduce moisture in the air by trapping it in its reservoir and converting the moisture to brine that can be safely disposed of.

Specifications &Amp; Features

  • Made specially for caravans, motorhomes and boats but also ideal for summer houses, beach huts, sheds, conservatories and homes.
  • Large 1 litre capacity.
  • Use all year round
  • As the moisture is drawn from the air, it collects on the surfaces of the crystals and then drips into the bottom of the container. 
  • Moisture removed from the air is converted to brine and can be safely disposed of. 
  • Protects against odours and mildew

Use With Damp Buster Refills

  • AC0224 Damp Buster Refill 1kg bag.
  • AC0226 Damp Buster Refill 2.5kg bag.