Cornish Firewood Kiln Dried Hardwood (Ash)

Cornish Firewood Kiln Dried Hardwood (Ash)

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High heat output and a long burning time result in a fire that is matchless in its performance and value for money too. Your Ash logs will burn hotter and last longer than other species so you will use less to get your required heat level, helping you save money!

Logs are cut to 25cm in length to fit the vast majority of wood burners and are kiln dried to an average moisture content of 20%.

Burning Kiln Dried Logs will give you maximum heat output for every pound spent and will help keep your burner glass and flue clean and clear from tar condensates, prolonging the life of your burner and saving on chimney sweeping costs.

Each kiln dried log will give out more heat than a comparable seasoned log meaning you will spend less money on logs to achieve the same level of heat. Therefore kiln dried logs are superb value for money.

The kiln drying process ensures a consistent product so you are able to buy with confidence that the firewood you are buying is reliable. Seasoned logs are often inconsistent due to the variations in moisture content that arise from natural seasoning process.

Kiln dried logs are dried to a moisture content average below <20% 

Kiln dried Hardwood nets weigh approximately 12kg each. Please appreciate that firewood is a variable product and weight of the product may vary from time to time, but the volume supplied will remain consistent.