Cornish Firewood Kiln Dried Hardwood (Birch)

  • £5.95

Available on orders over £100


**Collection only from Trevellas, St Agnes, TR5 0XY**

Cornish Firewood Premium Quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch logs. These offer exceptional value for money and are brilliant for both beginner and experienced wood burners who want a quality, long lasting high heat log fire.

  • Supplied in netted bags circa 9kg weight.
  • Hardwood split logs are kiln dried to an average moisture content below <20%. 
  • Top quality hardwood sourced from locally managed and sustainable woodlands.

Why Cornish Firewood?

"Cornish Firewood are the leaders in supplying sustainable wood fuel for homes and business in Cornwall."

"Cornish Firewood manages woodlands and forests in Cornwall working closely with Estate owners, farmers and landowners to ensure woodlands are properly managed promoting healthy growth and actively managing replanting schemes to ensure the sustainability of timber for future wood fuel supply.

Wood is a low carbon or carbon neutral fuel depending on how it’s processed and dried. This means that there is little to no negative impact on our planet and therefore we should cherish this source of energy and invest in planting trees and using wood for fuel."

"We use our wood waste to make wood pellets to sell and use in our biomass boiler. Nothing is ever wasted at Cornish Firewood as every part of the tree is used with the best wood being used for furniture and flooring, waste sawdust used to create efficient low moisture wood pellet fuel, and wood bark used for mulch in woodlands or for compost; even the foliage can be used in floristry."