Cornish Firewood RUF Briquettes 10kg

Cornish Firewood RUF Briquettes 10kg

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  • Made from Recylced Sawdust from FSC Mixed Sources.
  • RUF Briquettes are renowned for their quality of production resulting in a densely constructed briquettes so you have less mess than other pressed briquettes.
  • Long burning time and high heat output with less than 10% moisture content and 1% Ash residue.
  • High density and free from harmful glues so are a natural, carbon neutral alternative to coal or anthracite.
  • Safe to use with food so excellent for use with barbecues or pizza ovens due to their high heat output.
  • Can be used as a substitute for kiln dried logs
  • Perfect to compliment alongside Cornish Firewood kiln dried logs for an even longer, hotter fire.