Dorema Daytona & Garda 270 / 300 28mm Steel / Aluminium / Fibretech Frame Upgrade 725 - 1125

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**Awning frame upgrade only, purchase with awning**

Frame upgrade for the Dorema Daytona 270 /300 & Garda 270 / 300 caravan awning. Choose from 28mm steel, aluminium or fibretech. 


28mm Steel Frame 

With the new Dorema EasyGrip frame system erecting your awning is a simple and effortless process. Simply adjust the poles, press the clamp and hey presto your frame is tensioned with childlike simplicity, no effort or stress just a perfectly erected frame.

Aluminium Quick System frame

Lightweight (about half the weight of steel)

With the development of the EasyGrip QUICK SYSTEM Dorema's design team has turned the complication of erecting a caravan awning into a simple and foolproof task.

Each frame (standard size) now consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Searching for all the separate parts is now a thing of the past and gone forever are the problems of missing poles.

The strong EasyGrip clamps provide a strong grip on the frame. The clamps are designed not to damage the outer surface of the frame. Some frame parts which are not telescopic are connected together with a strong spring. Searching for all the separate parts is now a thing of the past.

Fibre Tech Plus EasyGrip frame

  • Ultra light, about half the weight of steel
  • New Easy clamp system
  • Long life
  • Very stable
  • Easy to erect

The very latest in fibreglass frame technology, FIBRE TECH is a top quality woven fibreglass tube that is incredibly strong, easy to handle and simple to erect. The unique construction of the FIBRE TECH frame ensures maximum strength at all times.