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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Go Systems Dynasty Slimline Duo Gas Stove with Grill

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The Dynasty Slim Line Duo is a powerful, large double hob and grill family camping stove, which folds into a low profile self-contained case for transport.

Able to use cooking pots up to 30 cm in diameter and will boil 1 litre of water in just 2.5 minutes! The built-in carry case acts as an easy to clean drip tray with the Piezo auto-start ignition system meaning there is no need for matches or lighters.

The Dynasty Trio requires a hose and regulator for whichever gas supply you wish to use, which can be either EN417 gas canisters such as the Coleman C500 or larger gas cylinder such as Calor Propane or Butane. The stove can also be connected directly to the gas outlet on your caravan or motorhome using a quick release connector.


Material: Steel / Brass / Tin
Burn time: / 100g gas (min): 19
Boil time: / 1L water (min): 2:35
Source: Gas Cartridge / Cylinder with appropriate regulator (not supplied)
Gas consumption: 320 g/h
Output: 2 x 3500 W
Colour: Black
Pack size:
SKU: GS2300


  • Piezo auto-start ignition system.
  • Double hob and grill/toaster with tray.
  • Built in carry case acts as drip tray.
  • Fuelled by either a Go System EN417 gas cartridge, or larger gas bottles using a regulator.
  • Any gas source via regulator
  • 1500 watts of power