Dometic Magnetic Drive Away Kit for VW T4, T5 etc.

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Drive-away kits offer a secure way to attach your awning to your vehicle whilst still allowing you to easily drive away.

Simply attach the magnetic strip to the flat metal roof of your vehicle, connect the figure-of-8 strip to the kader along one edge before attaching the awning beading along the other. To drive away, simply slide the figure-of-8 out, or detach the magnetic strip from the vehicle.

The magnetic kit is suited for all vehicles with a metal roof. For fibreglass roofs, we recommend a limpet suction driveaway awning connection kit.


  • 6mm keder to a magnetic system
  • 3 x 1m Figure of 8
  • Guying loops included for added stability (guy lines not included)
  • 3-metre length