Orbula 440 Fishing Reel

Orbula 440 Fishing Reel

  • £24.99

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Orbula 440 Fixed Spool Reel is a 4 ball bearing fixed spool reel with rear drag, anti-Twist line technology to prevent tangles of your monofilament as well as Push-Button Spool Release and is designed to compliment the new range of Orbula Fishing Rods. This Orbula 440 Fixed Spool Reel 4 ball bearing reel incorporates top performance, smooth retrieve, sensitive drag, alloy spool, instant anti-reverse, a one-way clutch and comes complete with a spare spool.

The Orbula 440 Fixed Spool Reel also boasts an ambidextrous handle which makes this reel suitable for both left and right-handed anglers Specifications: 4 Ball Bearings, Smooth Retrieve, Sensitive Drag, Alloy Spool, Ambidextrous Handle, Instant Anti-Reverse, 220yds of 12lb Monofilament., Instant Anti-Reverse, Spare Spool, One-Way Clutch.


Pounds/Yards: 10/260; 12/220; 14/180

mm/meters: 0.28/240; 0.33/200; 0.36/165


  • Rear Drag
  • Wooden Knob
  • Quick Release Alloy Spool
  • Spare Graphite Spool
  • Instant Anti Reverse
  • 4 Ball Bearings
  • Ambidextrous Folding Handle