Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6S Inflatable Tent

  • £899.00

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Outdoor Revolution’s premium lightweight Airedale 6.0 inflatable six berth family tunnel tent swiftly became a best-selling family favourite following its introduction due to its perfectly sized footprint; split between three flexible bedroom compartments, an enormous living area and spacious front porch, which can be fully enclosed using the windowed front door, improving the versatility of the entire living space.

The REDESIGNED Airedale 6.0S enjoys all the benefits of the original model and fuses it with a host of exciting BRAND NEW features and benefits, adding to the already outstanding functionality of this tent, including additional mesh ventilation fly screen panels and a vortex bedroom ventilation system, which aid in consistently maintaining a pleasant through flow of air, or reducing internal humidity, in warmer temperatures or climates, where breathability is a pre-requisite.

 Also features deepened and darkened the bedroom pods to create a more comfortable sleeping environment. The Airedale 6.0S is truly the tent of choice for mid-sized camping families!




Canvas weight - 33.4kg   
Total weight - 36kg
Width - 700cm
Depth - 380cm
Height -  215cm
Bedroom size - 230 x 360cm


    • 180HDE fabric that the Airedale 6.0S is produced from is specifically engineered to deliver exceptionally lightweight, yet robust products, allowing smaller pack sizes when folded; perfect where weight and space limitations are of consideration. This contemporary material features a 4,000mm² hydrostatic head and employs fully taped seams throughout, meaning it is exceptionally waterproof and rain will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off. A lighter coloured roof material reflects heat, helping to aid in maintaining a comfortable internal temperature.
    • Sewn In Groundsheet - To Reduce Moisture & Add Convenience.
    • Oxygen Air-Frame is the quickest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes or taps.
    • Dynamic Speed Valve and patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is rapid using the pump provided, whilst deflation is available at the push of the self-retainer button. Exclusive pressure relief valve prevents damage to the tube by expelling any excess air over 6PSI, typically caused by over inflation or changes in the ambient temperature.
    • All valves are discretely concealed by a Velcro cover for a tidier finish. The Oxygen Air Frame has been quality controlled to ensure optimal performance and features exclusive Lifetime Guarantee*, for peace of mind in years to come.
    • Lifetime Guarantee - On the Tubes/Air-Frame.
    • Expansive tinted anti-glare windows grant a panoramic vista of the surrounding environment and protect against any harmful UV rays, whilst increasing privacy and illuminating the awning interior during daytime hours.
    • Complete with Front Security Door - For Extra Security.
    • Embossed Zip In Curtains - To Provide Further Privacy & Make It Feel More Like Home.
    • Breathable six berth micro-polyester inner tent designed to comfortably house six adults. Features darkened twilight; fabric in order to cut out on exterior light and help you attain a deep, cosy, and uninterrupted sleep by nature.
    • Endurance Storm Strap Anchor Point Loops
    • Phoenix Mesh Doors - Self-Repairing 'Smart' Mesh.