Outdoor Revolution Double Action Hand Pump

Outdoor Revolution Double Action Hand Pump

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The Dual Action Hand Pump is a superb high-pressure manual air pump, which has been designed especially for the swift inflation of your caravan awning, drive away awning, family tent, draught excluders or alternative inflatable air frames,.

Inflating whilst you are pushing downwards and pulling upwards - inflation has never been simpler! 

This hand pump utilises an automatic switch from double, to single action, when the pressure exceeds 400 mBAR (or 5.8 PSI). The maximum capacity of this pump is 4,000CC and the maximum pressure is 800mBAR (or 11.6 PSI).

This pump is a tall, cylindrical shape helping you maintain excellent posture while inflating. It incorporates a thick, ergonomic handle for improved gripping.

The pump comes with an extra-long air-hose and a selection of adapters, which make it compatible with a diverse range of inflatables! The pump has two connection variables; bayonet fitting or screw fitting. Which one you require will vary, dependent on the product you have. 


Weight: 0.5kg
Volume: 4000cc
Max Pressure: 11.6 PSI
Size: 39 x 21 x 10cm
SKU: OR15625


  • Dual action up and down stroke inflation
  • Fitted with bayonet valve connector
  • Complete with pressure gauge and valve adaptors