Outdoor Revolution Esprit 420 Pro Inflatable Porch Awning 2019

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The Outdoor Revolution flagship Esprit awning range has plenty of fantastic new upgrades. Made with an upgraded 800 High-Density weave fabric; this range carries the most luxurious look and traditional-feel of any lightweight awning on the market.

Available in 3.6m or 4.2m models, with traditional-style sliding curtains and large skylights for a stylish touch and to really create a feeling of a ‘home from home’; this range has all the style and panache for even the most discerning of caravanners!

Utilising the ‘Dura-Tech’ single inflation point system, this range of awnings is quite simply the quickest and easiest to inflate. The superb, two-panelled ‘Esprit 360 Pro’ 3.6m caravan-awning provides incredible flexibility, versatility and additional living and storage space to any caravan; perfect for couples, families or smaller groups. All windows and side doors can be zipped open and rolled back to create an open sun canopy or zipped-in.

Both the Esprit 420 Pro and Esprit 360 Pro are made using our premium 800 High-Density yarn woven fabric specifically to create the most luxurious, high performing fabric ever; unequalled in its look, feel and technical performance, this fabric has been quality controlled to the highest of standards.

The fabric is exceptionally water-resistant and water will simply bead on the surface and roll off; the light-coloured roof material reflects heat to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the awning.



Canvas Weight: 34.8kg
Total Weight: 38.8kg
Width: 420cm
Depth: 310cm
Front Height: 180cm
Rear Height: 235cm
Height Range: 235-250cm
Pack Size: 78 x 47 x 47cm
Awning Piping Length: 5 metres
Draught Skirt Piping Length: 4.23 metres


  • Pro. 800HD Fabric - The Most Hard-Wearing 'Traditional-Feel' Fabric Available.
  • Dura-Tech. Single Inflation Point Tube - A Quick and Easy to Erect Frame.
  • NEW Patterned Internal Roof Fabric - For a Stylish & Contemporary Touch.
  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Excess Air Above 6PSI.
  • Tinted Windows - To Reduce Glare &Increase Privacy.
  • Traditional Draw-Back Curtains - To Provide Further Privacy & Make It Feel More Like Home. 
  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Self-Repairing 'Smart' Mesh.
  • PVC Draught Exclusion - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.
  • PVC Draught Skirt - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.
  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) - To Attach to Your Caravan/Motorhome.
  • Zip-Back Front Doors - For Ease of Access & More Versatility.
  • Two Reflective Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the Tubes/Air-Frame.
  • Includes Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump & Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Hanging Points.