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Outdoor Revolution Oxygen CompactAirlite 340 Porch Awning

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The CompactAirLite 340 is the middle sized awning in the Compact AirLite range measuring 340cm in width, 250cm in depth at the side and 280cm in depth in the centre.

It is perfect for young families needing additional usable living space. The pre-shaped roof with the inflatable roof support tubes creates nice clean lines inside the awning, no taps or valves making the awning look untidy; so you can sit and relax in a spacious environment.

Made from 420 Denier Double Rip-stop Acrylix fabric, which has the highest tensile strength of any awning material, no other manufacturers use this material. The Double Rip-Stop aspect makes the material thicker but keeping it lightweight, it also prevents any nicks or tears from running and allows for it to be easily repaired.

The Oxygen Air Frames used in this awning combine the Dynamic Speed Valve, the quickest and easiest valve on the market, and the exclusive Intelligent Frame Relief Valve to create the most reliable Air Frame in all three Air Frame tubes in this awning.

The two included inflatable roof support tubes provide extra strength and stability to the awning and fit neatly in the roof between the three Air Frame tubes. To give added peace of mind, all Air Frames with an Intelligent Frame come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE*, no other manufacturer has the confidence to offer this.

The materials used are specifically chosen to reflect the suns heat to create a cooler more comfortable living environment inside the awning. The Tintz Tinted Windows are large to allow lots of sunlight in but also reduce the glare from the sun. Protected with Sun Pro UV, the material will not fade or go brittle, it will maintain its quality for up to three times longer than any alternative manufacturer’s unprotected material.

Condensation, a recurring problem which is impossible to cure, is aided by the use of Vortex Vents which help to circulate the air inside the awning and therefore reduces the effects of condensation. The zip-in curtains provide privacy when it is required but can easily be rolled back and clipped open. All the doors can be zipped open and clipped back in the same way, and the front two panels can be opened half way to create a veranda style window.

The side doors also have zip in mesh doors to keep those pesky insects out. No other awnings on the market benefit from so many features which create a comfortable, light, airy space to sit and enjoy your surroundings.

The optional Compact AirLite Annexe can be zipped onto either side of the Compact AirLite, a superb addition to the awning to provide a comfortable sleeping space or additional storage space. Sold Separately.

The Compact AirLite 340 comes bagged in a smart holdall bag specifically designed to protect your awning during storage. The awning comes complete with the flysheet, two inflatable roof support tubes, a matching draught skirt, bag of pegs, two endurance storm straps and a dual action hand pump.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Speed Valve - The quickest and easiest valve on the market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve - Patented breather valve that prevents overinflation of the Airframe.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - On the tubes.
  • 420 Denier Double Rip Stop - The strongest, most tensile material on the market.
  • Inflatable Roof Support Tubes - Provide additional strength and stability to the awning.
  • Sun pro UV - Protects the material from UV rays and prevents the material from going brittle or fading.
  • Vortex Vents - Ease condensation by increasing airflow in the awning.
  • Tintz Tinted Windows - Allow the sunlight to brighten the awning whilst reducing the glare from the sun.
  • Embossed Zip in Curtains - Maple Leaf pattern.
  • Endurance Storm Straps - Provides unequalled stability.
  • Extra Wide Doors - Wheelchair and pushchair friendly.


Weight - 22.7kg.
Pack Size - 82cm x 50cm x 40cm.
Width – 340cm.
Depth – 280cm.
Awning Rail Length - 3.68m.

Complete with two Inflatable Roof Support Tubes, matching draught skirt, a bag of pegs, endurance storm straps and dual action hand pump.

Will fit caravans from 235cm – 250cm.


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