Outwell Deep Chill 38 Litre 230 & 12 Volt Compressor Fridge Freezer

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*Supplied with a standard 12-volt cigarette plug & 230 volt UK mains plug*

The Outwell 38 litre Deep Chill compressor cooler is a fridge and freezer in one allowing you to freeze food/drink down to -20°C off either a 230-volt mains supply or a 12-volt leisure/car battery. 

The deep cool features a built-in thermostat and digital controls to ensure that you can monitor and control the perfect temperature for your food and runs as quiet as a domestic household fridge freezer at only 43 decibels. 

The portable camping fridge is made from durable plastic with a rugged handle to ensure that it will last several camping trips and features a 3.5 metre 12 Volt cable and a  1.8 metre 230 Volt cable.

Battery monitor
This cooler is equipped with a multi-level battery monitor that protects your vehicle battery against excessive discharging when the device is connected to a 12-volt battery.

If the cooler is operated when the vehicle ignition is switched off, the cooler switches off automatically as soon as the supply voltage falls below a set level. The cooler will switch back on once the battery has been recharged to the restart voltage level. This ensures that you can never accidentally flatten your vehicle battery.  


Dimensions 74 x 36 x 40.5 cm (W x H x D)
Weight 14.2 kg
Volume 38 Litres


  • Compressor cooler.
  • -20°C to +20°C.
  • Noise reduction
  • LED display and control.
  • Rugged plastic casing and lid.
  • Rugged steel body and plastic lid
  • Can be used with either 12V or 230V.
  • Supplied with 230V adaptor and cords for EU and UK plugs.
  • Undervoltage protection
  • 350 cm 12V cable and 180 cm 230V cable
  • Anti tilt 40 degrees
  • Internal dimensions approx. 39.5 x 27.5 x 30 cm (WxDxH)