Outwell ECOcool 35 Litre Coolbox - Lightly Smoke-Damaged, Fully Functional

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This coolbox comes from a batch that experienced light smoke damage due to a minor fire incident in our storage facility. We've thoroughly inspected and cleaned the item to ensure it is fully functional and safe to use.

Returns and Customer Satisfaction:
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with your purchase.

Warranty Information:
Please note that this item does not come with a manufacturer's warranty due to its smoke-damaged condition. The 30-day money-back guarantee is in place to provide you with assurance on your purchase.

This Outwell ECOcool coolbox is designed specifically for European ECO legislation, is your ultimate companion for picnics and camping trips. Boasting an impressive size of 52 x 32 x 43 cm (WxDxH) and a 35L volume, it's spacious enough to store all your picnic essentials, and even accommodates 2L bottles.

What sets this cooler apart is its remarkable ability to keep its contents about 20°C below the outside temperature, ensuring your food and drinks stay chilled, even on the warmest of days.

The Eco Cooler is equipped with an inside icepack divider for better organisation and optimal ventilation performance for efficient cooling. Further enriching its functionality, it includes a hidden and protected cable entry, a fold-flat handle with a variable position, and a split lid for easy access. It's convenient to use, whether you're connected to 12V or 230V power sources.

Built with a cutting-edge energy-saving technology that not only reduces your carbon footprint but also safeguards your car battery with its low shutdown feature. And let's not forget the antimicrobial properties of the storage compartment material that help keep your stored items hygienic.


Size: 52 x 32 x 43 cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 8 kg
Volume: 35 L


  • EEI Classified ECO cooler
  • Can be used with either 12V or 230V
  • Inside icepack divider
  • Optimal ventilation performance
  • Energy saving
  • Variable handle position
  • Split Lid
  • Low car battery shut-down
  • Suitable for 2L bottles
  • Two functions: ECOcool / max.
  • The storage compartment comprises a material with antimicrobial properties
  • Latest technology used for saving energy
  • PU Insulated for best performance
  • Designed to comply with European ECO legislation
  • Hidden and protected cable entry
  • Fold flat handle
  • Cooling and heating function
  • Cools 18-25°C below outside temperature
  • Warms 50-60°C