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Royal 3 Way Absorption 40 Litre Camping Fridge

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Silence is golden with Royal's 3 way absorption fridge.

With its unique technology, this fridge, not only keeps things cool but can also make ice cubes for a cold summer drink. It works off gas, a 12V battery or 230 volt mains without a fan allowing it to be noise free whilst providing complete control and practicality.


  • Cools up to 25deg.C below ambient temperature.
  • Powerful three-way absorption cooler with 12V DC / 240V AC and gas connection.
  • Fridge must be operated in a well ventilated area at all times.
  • Cooler runs on a powerful 90W AC/DC unit, without using a fan for noise reduction.
  • Ice tray and levelling aid.
  • Ideal for camping, caravan or motorhome.
  • Capacity approx 42 litre.
  • Please note: The 3-way fridge must be kept level for at least 24 hours before use to allow the coolant to be stable.


Colour: Grey.
Dimensions: H 46cm x L 60cm x W 30cm.
Height: 46cm.
Length: 60cm.
Type: Absorption Cooler.
Volts: 12V/230V AC.
Volume: 42 litre.
Weight: 17.7kg.
Width: 30cm.