Summit LED Headlight Head Torch 3W COB

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Summit COB Head Torch with free batteries 110 lumens and up to 8 hours of illumination. New COB technology, COB stands for "chip on board" and emits a much brighter and wider light that travels a longer distance. This head torch is adjustable through 90 degrees and comes with 3 x AAA batteries.

A Space Station Connection: the COB LED headlight is ideal for your great adventure of discovery. Bright, reliable light on demand wherever in the world you find yourself! COB LED is a space technology designed to be as compact and energy efficient as possible whilst still producing an intense white light. The panels on the Space Station are further enhanced to give a blue-white light during daytime and a dimmer red-white light during the night time keeping astronauts insync with their normal sleep patterns.  


Watts: 3
Lumens: 110
Batteries: AAA x 3 (included)
SKU: 843012


  • On/off switch
  • White light
  • 3 modes: Full brightness/Dimmed/Flashing
  • Elasticated adjustable headstrap