Element Electric Scooter Blue with an LED Light Up Wheel (Helmet and Pads Package)

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**This bundle deal Xootz Element Electric Scooter offer comes complete with a Helmet and Protection Pads in either small or medium**

This scooter oozes speed and agility, go up to speeds of 5mph using the 70W belt driven motor. The electric motor makes this a great present for thrill-seeking children of the age 6 and over.

Other features include an LED Light Up Wheel and collapsible/foldable handlebars making this compact and easy to carry. A thumb accelerator throttle and foot brake make it effortlessly easy to control the speed of the scooter.

The charge on the scooter can last up to 10km, afterwards the scooter can be used as a classic push scooter. 


  • Charge Time: Up to 7 hours
  • Motor: 70W Gear Driven
  • Max Speed: 5mph/8kmph
  • Run Time: 1 hour
  • Battery: 12V
  • Age: 6 years old and above
  • Max Weight: 50kg


  • Foldable - Handlebars collapse making the scooter easy to transport and store
  • LED Light Up Wheel - made from PU material
  • Thumb Accelerator Throttle
  • Foot Brake