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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Purpleline Nemesis Caravan / Motorhome Wheel Clamp - Fullstop Security -

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The Nemesis is constructed using heavy-duty composite metals which have been specially chosen to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. The Nemesis is suitable for both Alloy & Steel wheels. It can be used for 10” – 20” wheels with tyre widths from 145-245. This incorporates over 99% of caravan wheels.

The Nemesis was designed in Purple Line’s UK innovation centre. The product is based on designs used by most major wheel clamping enforcements agencies and the DVLA.

Installation involves clamping the soft rubber tipped jaws around the wheel using the T-shaped hex key provided, before installing the foam padded wheel bolt protecting arm in to place and securing the device with the high strength locking barrel.


Product: FPC100
Colour: High visibility orange for maximum deterrence
Weight (kg): 11
Dimensions (mm): 420H X 650W X 430D
Carry bag: Included
Keys supplied: 3
Wheel fitment: Around wheel
Wheel type: Alloy & steel



Will it fit?
The Nemesis wheel clamp is very versatile and is suitable for most wheels ranging from 10” up to 20” with tyre widths ranging from 145 to 245. It can be fitted to steel and alloy wheels.

What is the weight of the clamp?
It is approximately 12kg.

How do I replace a lost hex key?
Please contact us for further information.

Can the clamp be used with wheel trim in place?
We do recommend removal of any wheel trim.

Can the Nemesis be fitted on the right side of the tyre?
The clamp can be fitted 'upside down' so to speak with the support section of the jaw upward instead of down supporting the clamp on the ground. As long as you can achieve a secure firm fit, the clamp will still be effective.

Is this a one or two piece clamp?
It is a two piece clamp.