Aquaroll 40 Litre Economy Water Carrier - Fl Hitchman - Main product photo

Aquaroll 40 Litre Economy Water Carrier - Fl Hitchman

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The 40 Litre Aquaroll ECONOMY allows for the convenient transport of water to your pitch and around the site.

The new Aquaroll ECONOMY is manufactured in the UK from recycled, polymer material, has thinner container walls compared to Original Premium Aquaroll which makes it lighter and easier to transport or use.

FL HItchman are very confident of the quality of their products and offer a FREE 2-year Container Guarantee. Product registration must be completed at the time of purchase.

This Aquaroll Economy comes with; Barrel, Handle, Filler Caps and Filler tube


Volume: 40 Litres
Model: 40AQE


  • Recycled, polymer material
  • 2 Year container guarantee*
  • Side opening for mains adaptor kit
  • Made from Food Grade Materials
  • Easy removable collapsible handles
  • High quality tyres

*Product registration must be completed with manufacturer at the time of purchase.