Blue Diamond Screw Pro Pegs x 20

Blue Diamond Screw Pro Pegs x 20

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Blue Diamond Screw Pro Pegs are solid and robust, with a tapered steel spike, making them ideal for use on hard or shaley ground.

Plus, with an optional Screw Pro Peg Drill Adaptor (available separately), you can simply drill-in the pegs for minimal effort when pitching.

These pegs are produced from a durable steel and incorporate a corkscrewed shaft for additional grip; each peg also has a 13mm bolt head and a heavy-duty plastic head to firmly grip guylines.


Size (approx): 20.5cm long
Bolt head: 13mm 
Quantity: 20 pegs
: Heavy duty plastic heads
Type: Screw Fit


  • Compatible with Cordless Drill and Pegs 'Screw-In'
  • Corkscrewed Shaft for Extra Grip 
  • Solid and Robust
  • Fantastic on Hard-Standing or Shaley Ground
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Head to Firmly Grip Guylines
  • Includes Free Robust Plastic Carry Case
  • Easily Glides Through All Pitches