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Blue Diamond XXL Hitch Cover Navy Blue

Blue Diamond XXL Hitch Cover Navy Blue

  • £10.99


Blue Diamond’s heavy-duty XL Hitch Cover is a large, durable polyester cover that can universally cover all hitches, including the jockey wheel assembly. It is exceptional at offering consistent protection against the elements and even against tow-hitch grease while on site.

Comes complete with securing eyelets to fasten onto the hitch.


Material - Polyester
Floor Dimensions - 30.6 X 24.6 X 1.4cm
Weight - 100g


  • Heavy-Duty, Large Polyester Cover
  • Offers Protection Against the Elements in Poorer Weather Conditions
  • Universal Fitting System
  • Protects You From Tow-Hitch Grease
  • Includes Eyelets to Fasten to the Hitch
  • Available in Navy Blue or Green Colourways