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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Butyrub RV21 Sealant 300ml - White

by Soudal
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Butyrub is a permanent plastic one-component sealant based on polybutene, a non- hardening mastic giving constant adhesion and flexibility. Similar in properties to the IDL99 silicone sealant.

Can be used for bedding seams, mouldings, rails, window and door frames and many other types of covered joints in portable buildings, caravans, holiday homes, boats, freight containers and transport vehicles.

For use on;

  • Joints with limited movement up to 5%
  • Sealant for joints in masonry, door and window frames, windowsills.
  • Mounting of single layer glass in wooden, concrete and steel frames (e.g. greenhouses).
  • Sealant for joints in car-bodies and containers.

Directions for use

Method: Apply the sealant by means of a handheld or pneumatic caulking gun. Smoothen the sealant with a filling-knife.
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Clean: Uncured Butyrub may be removed from materials and tools with white spirit. Cured sealant must be removed mechanically.
Finishing: with soapy water.
Repair: with Butyrub.


  • Do not use in applications where continuous water immersion is possible.
  • Can be painted over with most types of paint.
  • The paint should be sufficiently elastic to be applied on plastic sealant.
  • Due to the wide range of paints always perform a preliminary compatibility test.
  • Not suitable for joints of double layer and safety glass.
  • Not suitable for joints of natural stone. In that case use Silirub MA.


Size: 300ml
Colour: White
: Polybutene
Consistency: Stable paste
Curing system: Oxidative drying
Skin formation: Within 24 hours
Density: Ca. 1,70 g/ml
Temperature resistance: -20 °C → 80 °C
Application temperature: 5 °C → 30 °C
Total solid content: 100 %
(*) these values may vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and type of substrates.


    • Very easy to apply
    • Forms an elastic and tight skin
    • Can be painted over after 24 hours
    • Very good adhesion on many building surfaces
    • UV and weather resistant
    • Good resistance against chemicals