Cadac Soft Soak 30 - Fits Safari Chef

Cadac Soft Soak 30 - Fits Safari Chef

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Make cleaning your Cadac Safari Chef 30 range a breeze with the Soft Soak 30. This heat-resistant, durable silicone soak basin is designed to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly method for cleaning your BBQ grids.

Its unique design allows you to fully immerse your BBQ Grid in hot soapy water, soaking off any stubborn residue without damaging the surface or needing harsh chemicals.

Once your grid has soaked, it's just a simple wipe or rinse away from being spotlessly clean. Plus, the Soft Soak 30's foldable and stackable design makes it perfect for travel or storage.

Specifically designed for the Safari Chef 30 BBQ


Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 390 × 350 × 70 mm


  • Mess-Free Cleaning
  • Fits Safari Chef 30 Range Surfaces
  • Heat Resistant to 200°C
  • Durable, Foldable Silicone
  • 39 x 35 x 7cm
  • Food Grade, Heat-Resistant Silicone