Caravan/motorhome 20 amp Power Unit/Transformer

Caravan/motorhome 20 amp Power Unit/Transformer

  • £129.99

Available on orders over £100


This Leisure Battery Charger is a lightweight and efficient unit. It is especially designed for caravan and motorhome installations, requiring minimal attention in use.

The unit incorporates the following main features:

  • Model PS276-1-BC
  • 20A output
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Low temperature operation

The battery chargers / transformers will work with or without a battery in circuit but for optimum performance a good quality leisure battery is recommended. With the unit connected to a 230v power supply and 12v electrics, its operation is fully automatic once switched on.

The unit will, if necessary, operate on a low mains input (making it ideal for low continental voltages) and still provide a stable (regulated) dc output voltage.

Please ensure this unit is fitted by a competent person.