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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Conversion Lead 13 Pin - 7 Pin Socket

by Maypole
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So you may be off for a quiet break in the caravan or you might have a trailer to tow, how do you connect up to your vehicles electrics? With this conversion lead you can quickly and easily connect up whatever you are towing and be ready for the open road.

This lead comes ready to convert 12v 13Pin vehicle electrics into the 12v 7Pin electrics used by caravans and trailers. It has both N & S type adapters to get all your electrics up and running; so that includes everything from your all important indicators and brake lights to the caravan’s fridge.

Converts a 13 Pin socket on the car into a 12N & 12S pin socket for connection to a caravan.


Model type: wired adaptor assembly


  • Conversion lead with a 13 Pin plug and 2×7 Pin sockets (12N & 12S)
  • To convert a 13 Pin socket into 12N & 12S 7 Pin sockets
  • Provides a connection for full road lighting and caravan power supplies
  • Easy to fit, use and store
  • No need for expensive re-wiring