Isabella Isa Fix 30.5mm x 3 - Main product photo

Isabella IsaFix Locking Clamps x 3 Two Sizes

  • £12.99

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26 mm £12.99
30.5 mm £12.49

Available on orders over £100


Pack of three Isabella Isafix locking clamps.

These clamps are suitable for All Fibreglass/ CarbonX frames.

The IsaFix fits easily onto all Isabella frames and replaces the telescopic couplings and wing nuts for easy and effective tensioning of awning frames.

To replace with the IsaFix simply twist and pull off the existing clamp. Push IsaFix onto the thicker pole (it may be necessary to twist and push, always take care when handling exposed frames - fibre can cause itching). Replace the thinner pole!

The IsaFix clamp can be adjusted with a screwdriver for the correct tension.


Size: Available in two different sizes for either 26mm or 30.5mm poles.