Isabella Top Organiser - Hanging Storage Unit

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The Isabella Unique Top Organiser is a practical storage net that can be hooked onto roof rafter poles (poles are also available as optional extras for most awnings).

This is a hammock organiser offering suspended easy access storage to your awning, hanging conveniently from the roof pole and providing functional use of the overhead space within your awning (or frame pole tent).

Its straps are adjustable and the hammock is made of black mesh polyester having a maximum carrying capacity of 5 kg. Can be used to store all the holiday items you want to have at your fingertips such as newspaper, books, sun lotion, playing cards and magazines.



Max Capacity: 5kg
Length: 150cm
Width: 30cm
Overall Height: 58cm
Hammock Height: 24cm 


  • Easy to hang and access
  • Official Isabella product