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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Milenco Aero Platinum Towing Caravan Mirror Twin Pack (BMW X Series, Landrover/Rangerover)

by Milenco
Original price £99.99 - Original price £99.99
Original price £99.99
£99.99 - £99.99
Current price £99.99


The Grand Aero Platinum Mirror is the pinnacle of towing mirror technology, designed to offer unrivalled performance and versatility for modern vehicles.

Developed to fit the increasingly tapered mirror bezels found on many cars today, this innovative mirror not only enhances your towing experience but also improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag. With its highest quality automotive chrome glass, it ensures clear, long-lasting visibility.

The Platinum Mirror features new flexible, rubber-faced stainless steel, sprung-loaded gripper plates, which form perfectly to the shape of your vehicle's mirror. This design significantly increases the surface contact area, providing improved grip and stability.

 With a larger diameter arm for enhanced stability and a clamp body that accommodates thicker mirror bezels, this mirror is both robust and versatile. Engineered with stainless steel and brass in key areas to prevent corrosion, the Grand Aero Platinum Mirror promises durability and reliability, making it an essential accessory for any towing setup.


  • Highest quality automotive chrome glass
  • Aerodynamic air balanced head to minimise vibration
  • Larger diameter arm for enhanced stability
  • Sprung loaded gripper plate that forms to shape of vehicle mirror
  • 50% larger mirror pads compared to standard Aero 3 pads
  • Larger clamp body with increased depth for more versatile and secure fitment
  • Stainless steel and brass in key areas to prevent corrosion
  • New enhanced rubberised surfaces on both clamp and pad
  • Fits all vehicles including Range / Land Rovers, all BMW X series models
  • Current Land Rover Defenders, as with the original Defender, fits on the bottom of vehicle mirror.