Milenco Calibrated Noseweight Gauge

Milenco Calibrated Noseweight Gauge

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This is the only Noseweight Gauge approved and calibrated to the British standard for these instruments - offering calibrated precision, accuracy, reliability and technical superiority over other Noseweight Gauges.

It has a clear large scale to ensure the precise and safe loading for this safety critical area, to ensure caravan stability when towing.

The Milenco Precision Calibrated Noseweight Gauge has been manufactured using unique materials so that its calibration remains accurate even after 1000 uses. Other Noseweight Gauges can be up to 30 kilos out after 1000 uses.

Another improvement we have made is that the scale is much clearer and goes up to 130 kilos and is accurate to within 2 kilos (as required by BS7691).