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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Omnia Oven Thermometer

by Omnia
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The sensor is pointed to make it easy to measure the inner temperature of whatever you are cooking or baking. Designed especially for the Omnia, the shape of the thermometer and the practical locking screw makes it easy to attach to any hole in the lid to measure the temperature in the oven.


The Omnia thermometer is only intended for use when baking and cooking with Omnia. Be careful when using the thermometer, the sensor prong is sharp and can cause injury. The sensor also gets very hot, take care not to burn your fingers. Keep out of reach of children.


Measuring the internal temperature of food and baked goods is a good way to know when what you are cooking in Omnia is ready. A full guide to correct temperatures is available on the internet.


The Omnia thermometer can easily be attached to the hole in the lid. NOTE: This measures the temperature in the upper part of the oven. The temperature in the lower part is higher. Having the thermometer in the lid can affect its stability. Be careful when lifting the lid.