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FREE Next Day Shipping on ALL Mainland GB Orders Over £50

Power Inverter 12 Volt Pure Sine Wave 300 Watts

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Sunshine power inverters have advantages of being compact, lightweight and low noise, once connected to a 12V battery, you get 230V AC directly from the power inverter's UK output socket giving you a stable power supply for running your electrical appliances.

Sunshine inverters are a very high grade and this product is supplied with heavy duty leads fitted with terminal rings for easy connectivity to your battery.

Numerous uses for off-grid installations large and small, whether it be in the home, outbuildings, caravan, motorhome, car, truck or boat the Sunshine range of inverters give you a 230V power supply wherever you need it.

Pure Sine Wave (also known as True Sine Wave) inverters generate an output voltage waveform that has a very low harmonic distortion like utility-supplied electricity. This means they are more suited for sensitive electronic equipment, allowing motors to run faster, quieter and cooler, preventing computer crashes, noises & glitches in monitors, TV, Game consoles etc in short a Pure Sine Wave Inverter will provide a reliable power source for all electronic appliances and devices.


Type: 300 Watt pure sine wave power inverter
Output waveform: pure sine wave inverter
Continuous power: 300 Watt
Surge power: 600 Watt
Input voltage: 10-15V DC
Output volt: 230
Frequency: 50Hz
Efficiency: >85%
Weight: 0.94 KG
Certification: CE-EMC/LCD RoHS E-Mark

Dimensions (approx):

  • 300W 175 x 150 x 55mm (LxWxH)


  • Soft Start
  • Single AC outlet
  • Battery Cables with Croc Clips - 800mm Long
  • Cigar Socket Connection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Low battery voltage shutdown
  • High battery voltage shutdown
  • Overload protection, short circuit protection, polarity reverse connection protection