Purpleline Saracen AL-KO Hitch Lock

  • £59.99

Available on orders over £100


Purpleline Saracen Hitch Locks have been developed to be quick fitting, convenient and highly secure anti-theft devices for both caravan and trailer.

They feature a British Made integrated high security locking system, exclusive Fullstop and they may be used in conjunction with Fullstop Fortress Security Posts for even greater security.

Suitable for all AL-KO hitches including:

AL-KO AL130.






·         Independently tested to exceed GOLD SOLD SECURE standards (2006/07/08/09/10).

·         Fits when hitched or unhitched.

·         Easy to use, fast to fit.

·         Integrated high security lock.


Will it fit?

Suitable for the following hitches: Purpleline Saracen for AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 caravan hitches.

What is the metal ball or plastic dummy ball part used for?

The ball part (ie. the piece shown on the box) fits into the tow hitch in exactly the same manner as the tow ball on your car.

The purpose of ‘blocking’ the tow ball hole is to avoid theft whereby a person with a hook or similar could make use of this open cavity and pull the caravan away.