Thetford Shampoo 750ml for Caravan, Motorhome, Boat or Car

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Thetford Shampoo for caravan, motorhome, boats and cars. This is a multipurpose wash which is great at removing streaks bugs, dirt and road film.

Safe to use on a wax finish and decorative trims this shampoo is just what you need to keep your pride and joy in top notch condition!


Size: 750ml
Non Ionic Surfactants: 5-15%
Amphoteric and Cationic Surfactants: 1-5% (each)
Contains: Preservatives, Citrates, Dye and Water
Dose: 150ml per 10ml Water


  • Visible measuring gauge
  • High Grade Shampoo
  • Safe for many uses
  • Recyclable bottle