Vango Hi Rise Double Flocked Air Bed

Vango Hi Rise Double Flocked Air Bed

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The well thought out Hi Rise Double bed is terrific for all outdoor lovers, yet is specifically designed with taller campers in mind.

The added height allows for a much more comfortable sleep and at 210cms long it will keep most feet off the ground. The coil beam construction and two layer design creates a strong and supportive structure, making sure you get a great nights sleep before a day in the outdoors.

Plus, its height makes it a much more convenient bed to fall into at night and provides a boost for easier rising in the morning.


Weight: 5.8kg
Packsize: L41.0 x H16.0 x W33.0cm
Max Load: 250kg
Height: 38.0cm
Length: 210.0cm
Width: 157.0cm


  • 210cm long - Ideal for taller people.
  • Flocked surface - Extra soft, comfortable flocked surface.
  • Coil beam construction - Good support and strong.
  • 2 layer in height - Easier to get up from.
  • Repair patches included - For use in emergencies.
  • Raised edges improves firmness and stability.
  • Maximum loading weight: 250kg/39st 5lbs.
  • Inflation time 5 minutes.