Vango Free-Standing Bedroom Inner Tent

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Create a sleeping area for extra guests with the Free Standing Bedroom. This fully enclosed addition utilises Vango's new Midnight fabric allowing for peace and privacy.

Simple to assemble, this space can be used as a bedroom, amenity or storage area in all of our vehicle and caravan awnings and even in family tents.

Simple to assemble and suitable for the Vango awnings listed below as well as being suitable for a large range of vehicle awnings, caravan awnings and even Family Tents!

Just check your awning or tent has enough space for width: 140cm, depth: 210cm , height: 180 cm.

  • Airhub Hexaway II Low
  • Airhub Hexaway II Tall
  • Faros II Air Low
  • Faros II Low
  • Tailgate Hub Low
  • Tailgate AirHub Low
  • Riviera Air 390 Elements All Season
  • Altona Air Low
  • Byron Low
  • Cairns Low
  • Elwood Air Low
  • Kilda Air Low


Depth: 210cm
Width: 140cm
Height: 180 cm
Poles: Fibreglass
Weight: 2.85 kg
Pack Size: 65 x 11 x 11 cm
MPN: BR003
SKU: BRQ000003M24Z05


  • Vango PowerFlex® fibreglass poles
  • Storage pocket - keeps snacks and necessities tidy
  • Supplied with Carry Bag
  • Additional ventilation – increases air flow