Vango Pole & Clamp Drive Away Awning Fixing Kit

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This 250cm long pole and clamp kit allows you to attach your drive away awning to the gutter on your campervan or motorhome. The pole and clamp system slides into the sleeve on your awning and, used with a deep gutter (pole diameter is 17mm), the butterfly clamps hold the pole securely in place. 

Simply slide the pole into the sleeve at the top of the rear section of the AirAway Awning. Place the pole and fabric into the gutter on the vehicle and use the clamps to secure at both ends and in the centre.

The Vango 250cm Pole & Clamp DriveAway Awning Attachment is suitable for many types of driveaway awnings


Pack Size: 60 x 3 x 10cm (L x H x W)
Awning Type: Drive away Awning Spares
Weight: 1.5kg