Zig X80 Leisure Battery Charger - 13.8V/16.5A

Zig X80 Leisure Battery Charger - 13.8V/16.5A

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For your caravan or motorhome this is the X80 by Zig Electronics, a lightweight, compact, fully automated leisure battery charger and power supply with a stabilised output for maximum efficiency and control.

An automated battery charger with a regulated and stabilised continuous output of 13.8 Volts @ up to 16.5 Amps maximum suitable for caravans, motor homes, vans, boats and vehicles with on-board power requirements. 

Conforms to current EMC and Electrical Safety Regulations and is CE Marked.


Volts: 13.8 V 
Amperage 16.5 Amps
Length: 228mm
Width: 114mm 
Height: 90mm
MPN: ZRM 2403
SKU: 30672 


  • Switchmode Technology
  • Autonomous Leisure Battery Charging
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to install (fitting instructions included)